Safeguard SVP offers a standard 12 months warranty for all conversions covering parts and workmanship, subject to terms and conditions*.

Safeguard SVP offers warranty in-line with Motor manufacturer’s terms and conditions on all Blue Light model Turnkey conversions. The vehicle must be serviced as recommended in the manufacturer service plan.
Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions:
In addition to parts and labour, Safeguard SVP will cover cost of transportation and/or carriage in the event of failure due to faulty materials or poor workmanship experience within the first 12 months commencing from delivery date of completed vehicle. Safeguard SVP reserves the right to repair faulty components as a first option.

Conversion paintwork, powder coatings, laminates, polycarbonates, coverings and soft trim is covered for a period of one year.


  • Damage due to neglect, trauma or misuse.
  • Any vehicle or product that has been modified or used for racing or rallying.
  • The vehicles plated weights must not have been exceeded.
  • Materials or parts provided as free issue by customer.
  • Consequential damage caused by unauthorised repair agents.
  • Replacement vehicle hire.
  • Livery and decals (limited to 12 months warranty only).
  • Routine adjustment or normal replacement of service items or wear and tear items.
  • Tyres, as they are covered by tyre manufacturer’s own policies.
  • Any incidental or consequential damages, or expense incurred in the removal and/or re-installation of products requiring service and/or repair.
  • Incandescent and halogen bulbs, polycarbonate/plastic materials.
  • Non genuine Safeguard SVP system components such as remote head assemblies, xenon flash tubes, or shielded cable.

Safeguard Warranty Process

*Ensure concern is Safeguard SVP related and not covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty*

A Main Dealer will be able to verify area of responsibility. If necessary your dealer could contact Safeguard SVP on your behalf.

NB Where possible Safeguard SVP parts are clearly identified by our special logo.

Your Requirement 

Our Process

  • Investigate warranty issue and identify the action required

Our Response

  • Notify customer or customers of solutions available

If after investigation the concern is not deemed to be a Safeguard SVP Warranty issue there will be a charge for any expenses incurred, including labour, mileage and accommodation as applicable.